• Pump off water and remove debris from winter cover.
  • Remove, clean and fold swimming pool cover
  • Scrub water line.
  • Remove all winterizing material (foam rope, plugs, etc.).
  • Re-install deck equipment (ladders, diving board, etc).
  • Check pool equipment.
  • Visual inspection of filter for leaks.
  • Activate and reassemble filter system.
  • Begin filling pool (customer shuts off the water).
  • Vacuum the pool and remove debris.
  • Skim pool surface.
  • Start up pool equipment.
  • Balance Water chemistry.


  • Drain water level appropriately.
  • Remove scum line
  • Remove skimmer basket, circulation equipment eyeballs, etc.
  • Blow out lines then foam rope installed in skimmer and winterizing antifreeze added into pipes.
  • Step ladders removed and bolts greased.
  • Add needed closing chemicals (chemicals extra)
  • Install winter cover & water bags.
  • Winterize pool pump, filter, heater
  • Place pool deck accessories in your desired location
  • Remove pump if requested


  • Test and balance water chemistry
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool/spa
  • Backwash your pool filter after vacuum
  • Visual inspection of pump/filter/heater
  • Salt cell inspection and cleaning (if applicable)
  • Chemicals are dropped off and invoiced if required
  • A maintenance log will be provided to you after each visit on request


  • Liner repairs and replacement
  • Skimmer repairs and replacement
  • Ladder and diving board installation
  • Pressure testing
  • Interior and exterior refinishing
  • Installation of new plumbing
  • Sandblasting and painting
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Pump and filter repair/replacement
  • Crack repairs and concrete work


Jandy Legacy LRZ swimming pool and spa heaters are well known for their top-notch performance and reliability. Legacy pool heaters come equipped with many advanced features while staying very user friendly.

Liner replacement

With many years of swimming pool liner installation experience, you can count on Toronto Pool Services for your liner replacement and installation services. Whether you want to install a new liner or replace a faded old one, we will assist you in choosing the colours and patterns that best suit your pool and your tastes.


  • Discourages climbing and provides a safety barrier for children
  • Virtually transparent
  • Fitted for any shape or size of pool
  • Can be removed and replaced in minutes
  • Maintenance free
  • Prevents leaves and other debris from entering the pool

Safety covers

  • Safety covers are specifically designed to Inhibit algae growth, mildew and rot
  • Safety covers are streched tightly across the swimming pool, so there will be no water pooling on top of the cover and no insect breeding
  • Safety covers reduce the harmful effect of ultraviolet light on your pool

"My pool has never been this clean!"
Sally M.

"Since you've been cleaning our pool it looks amazing, we're keeping you."
Jeff G.

"I love how my pool looks this summer! Thank you!"
Guy T.

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Feel free to contact us
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